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Welcome to my site

Hi my name is Peter and thank you for stopping by. I have been a graphic designer for the last 12 years. I have covered the gambit, working for 2 large corporations, 3 agencies and for the last 2 years I have been a freelancer.


From billboards, to business cards, I think I have designed everything.  I love graphic design, because good design is in the eye of the beholder.  I will be updating this site with some of my past work, however, it will be limited, since most of my work was done while employed, thus its either copy write protected or I have a non compete clause.


A few of my philosophies about design.


 What makes for Good Design?

Good design contains is well-balanced understanding all parts create a total package.  The design has contrast, not just color, but shape and size contrast. The final piece creates visual movement. Your eye flows from on item to the next smoothly, which also encompasses direction. As your eye moves it has a clear direction.


The designer uses the movement to emphasis the main point(s) trying to be convey the message to the end viewer.  There must be the appropriate amount of space between items as well as white space.


Designers I Like

Yes, us designers like to look at good design. This sometimes help create a spark when we have a creative-block.  If I have a creative block, I spend sometimes hours upon hours looking at this site.


Why Higher a Designer?

Since, Microsoft released Publisher, design has gone downhill. There are many DIY designers out there and unfortunately they do not have the background, training nor skill set to create something visually pleasing. You might want a simple business card, but think about it. A business card might be your first impression, or your last impression. Or you plan on spending thousands of dollars on a direct mail campaign, and the design looks bad or the copy is hard to read. How well do you think that will convert?


Yes a designer, might cost you more money upfront, but your ROI, while hard to calculate, will be 10 fold what you spend.